Our History

From the beginning

Team Collaboration

Working with authors and developers from around the world, Gspree offers flexibility in design for custom applications such as websites, smart apps and frameworks.

As a web designer once said, "It is I who takes on the world and I alone".

With that being said leaves one to wonder where they fit in while the rest of the world moves on. No longer can a web designer just do it all and that's been our concept for over the past 5 years.

Gspree |
'Generic Source for Programming Extensive Environments'.

Gspree was founded in 1990 as a graphic design source that later emerged into one of the first generic programming environments for what we now call "frameworks".

In 2007 Gspree.com was registered, licensed & filed with the Library of Congress as a programming environment for web design. In 2011 Pandora Black was also registered as a web media service and a new era of design and programming was born.

Now it is time to retire the domain of Pandora Black and refocus our efforts on the basic principals that originally started it all. Team collaboration will be a huge focus in the coming years as we adapt to the ever changing ways of the internet.

Pandora Black will retire it's name in January of 2018

Our promise to you

We will continue to provide the best possible service & support to all our current customers.

Les P, Founder